The kinds of work we undertake are:

Documentary surveys of a site’s history and archaeology (desk-based surveys), along with assessment of the archaeological impact of any proposed development.

Evaluation of the archaeological potential of a site, usually by test trenching or topsoil strip, according to the terms of the relevant archaeological specification.

Archaeological watching briefs during groundwork such as pipe installation, the cutting of foundation trenches or ground reduction.

Small-, medium- and large-scale archaeological excavation.

Archaeological and palaeo-environmental surveying and sampling, including field-walk surveys and borehole sampling.

The electronic mapping of sites to a high degree of accuracy, including full GPS surveys.

The preparation of all kinds of archaeological reports, including evaluation reports, interim reports, assessment reports and publication-standard reports (we have an excellent record of publication, including both monographs and peer-reviewed papers in various archaeological journals).

Please note that we can also provide professional advice on how to mitigate the archaeological impact of a proposed development, thereby significantly reducing development costs and avoiding costly re-scheduling.